Apple updates MacBook announces WWDC 2016

macbook.rosegoldApple announced today an update to the 12-inch MacBook. Apple’s silent and sleek unique unibody golden child that hovers in size between the two MacBook Air models has been upgraded with new processors, better battery life and one new colour addition.

Under the hood of the MacBook will now be 6th generation dual-core Intel Core “m” processors up to 1.3 GHz, with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.1 GHz, peppier 1866 MHz memory and faster flash storage. It will also include the latest Intel HD Graphics 515 processor offering up to 25 percent faster graphics performance. Designed to be your all-day Mac, battery life is also up, now claiming up to 10 hours of wireless web browsing and up to 11 hours of iTunes movie playback. Read more at CanoeTech Blog.

Apple WWDC15 kicks off June 8 in San Francisco

Apple officially announced the 26th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) would be held at San Francisco’s Moscone West, June 8-12, where developers will gather, “to learn about the future of iOS and OS X”. And while no specifics for any WWDC event are actually ever given out ahead of time, the image on the developer’s splash page and a repetition of history are often telltale signs of what’s to come. Read more……at CanoeTech Blog

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 kicks off June 2

WWDC 2014

Apple’s has once again announced their highly anticipated annual  Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. This year it will run June 2-6 and will be held at San Francisco’s Moscone West. It’s an annual five-day pilgrimage for developers to help them learn about the future of iOS and OS X and give them the latest tools and technologies to create apps and more, which each year is oversubscribed in a heartbeat.

You can’t just buy tickets; you need to apply for them. Entries are drawn from a random selection, which starts now through Monday, April 7 at 10:00pm PDT, and you’ll know at the latest by 5:00pm PDT (8pm EDT) April 7th.


Apple WWDC 2013 to be streamed live


wwdc13 2013If you like to watch things as it happens, especially all things Apple, you’ll be happy to know that the opening keynote for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 will be streamed live today, Monday June 10, beginning at 10:00AM PDT, 1:00PM EDT, at, so you won’t have to guess what’s going to happen.

What’s coming is still a secret as it always is with Apple, but with Apple’s stock price at time of writing up over 1%, about $5 per share, the market is expecting Apple to show us that they are still the great innovators that differentiates them from the rest of the pack.

Rumours are saying we may see Mac OSX 10.9 as well as iOS 7, predicated by9to5MAC catching glimpses of banners porting a giant “7″. We may also see the release or announcement of a low cost iPhone, since with the recent court ruling they may have challenges selling the iPhone 4 (and iPad 2) in the U.S. Rumours are also afloat about Apple’s MacBooks being upgraded with the latest Haswellchips that consume much less power than their predecessors.


Apple’s WWDC 2012 kicks off in San Francisco

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference kicked off today at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, where CEO Tim Cook delivered the opening keynote address.  As usual when it comes to Apple,  things are almost never pre-annouced so rumours were running rampant. One thing is for sure: we’re in-store for one great opening as there are telltale signs of  some new product rollouts as Apple’s online store  is hanging a sign on the front page saying, ”We’ll be back”.

New MacBook Air models feature new Ivy Bridge processors, up to 2GHz dual-core i7, up to 8GB Ram and 60% faster graphics. You’ll be able to have up to 512GB flash storage. Overall up to 2x faster than the current  models.  The new MacBook Air will also have 2 USB 3.0 ports for faster transfer as well as a 720p HD FaceTime camera and up to 5 hours of battery life.  READ FULL ARTICLE AT TROY MEDIA

Apple WWDC 2012 new hardware announcements


wwdc2012An Apple event is always an event and you never really know for sure what’s in store and the opening keynote for  WWDC 2012, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2012 was no exception. With Apple’s online store temporarily unavailable we knew something new was afoot.

The crowd was welcomed by Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant with her utter charm, wit and an attempted sense of humour.

“I’m waiting for the new Samsung,” she said. “No, not the phone, the refrigerator. Hubba hubba.”



Apple iOS 5 jam-packed with 200+ new features

Since it was preannounced, no one was surprised at WWDC 2011 when Scott Forstall, Apple SVP iOS Software, took us through a preview of Apple iOS 5, slated for release this fall. However, what we didn’t expect was the extensive list of over 200 new features that could potentially make your iOS device the only one you’ll actually need and maybe even encourage you to get a second one.