Office Holiday video remix not your father’s Jingle Bells

klick santaLast year at this time, Toronto-based digital health agency Klick Health entertained us with their holiday video – Bring Your Pet to Work Day. This year, they’ve decided to come out with something a little more wild but more in tune with the yuletide festive season appropriately titled Epic Office Holiday Remix.

And to make sure the video really rocked, they called none other than You Tube sensation and fellow Canadian Andrew Huang, whose videos have been viewed over 25 million times, to produce the video. Huang is known for producing unconventional music videos, including covers of the Breaking Bad theme using meth lab equipment and 99 Red Balloons using, what else, red balloons.

This by far has been the most extensive of my ‘found sound’ videos,” says Huang. “I always walk into these projects with some idea of the sounds I’ll get and I’m always pleasantly surprised by other noises that turn up and how they can be used. 

What seemed like office noise was music to Huang’s ears.

I was amazed by everything we had to work with at Klick and jumped at the chance to use things like a treadmill as a bass line and bean bag chairs as cymbals!”

There’s more.

Other sounds were made by: touching, tapping, pressing, swiping and more by gadgets and things that were used in the office. Items ranged from a simple stapler to a photocopier; iPads and video games to vending machines and even boxing gloves from the lunch-hour Muay Thai fitness class in their wellness centre. They even managed to get ateleconferencing robot in on the game. In total there were 134 uniquesounds, the company says, were recorded, repeated and interlaced over 1250 times.

It’s an amazing number of little details that went into making the 2:25 video. But to make that short but intricate video, filming ran from 8:00AM to 8:00PM – 12 hours a day over four days, collecting over 770 scene shots, with the editing taking about 120 hours in order to produce the final product.

When you watch it, not only will you be hilariously entertained, butknowing what went in to making this video you’ll watch and listen for all the intricacies and gain appreciation for Huang’s creative genius.

It starts off with Huang arriving at what seems like a typical uneventful corporate visit and single tapping sound with the beat building up, climaxing with a high-octane dance festive dance party with the company’s over 400 employees. 

No need to tell you more, just watch it. 

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