Office Holiday video remix not your father’s Jingle Bells

klick santaLast year at this time, Toronto-based digital health agency Klick Health entertained us with their holiday video – Bring Your Pet to Work Day. This year, they’ve decided to come out with something a little more wild but more in tune with the yuletide festive season appropriately titled Epic Office Holiday Remix.

And to make sure the video really rocked, they called none other than You Tube sensation and fellow Canadian Andrew Huang, whose videos have been viewed over 25 million times, to produce the video. Huang is known for producing unconventional music videos, including covers of the Breaking Bad theme using meth lab equipment and 99 Red Balloons using, what else, red balloons. [Read more…]

Check out Extreme Toshiba field testing with Matt and Jamie

toshiba steam

I always get a kick out of extreme anything – whether it is extreme sports, extreme makeovers or extreme ridiculousness. Of course being the gadget guy, when I came across Toshiba’s extreme attempt at this genre, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Furthermore, I thought something light to follow the last day of tax season would release a little stress that some of us may have had.


iPad mini rumours, parodies huge in blogosphere


iPad Maxi

The news of the iPhone 5 and the latest generation of iPods is not even cold and rumors of the iPad mini are already running amok. We’re seeing drawings, pictures and even inventory lists showing line items of iPad mini accessories and SKUs with a myriad of iPad mini configurations. The general consensus seems to be that it will have a 7.85-inch non-retina display, an A5 chip, although which version seems to be up for grabs and a launch date of October 23rd.