8 gadgets and techie tools for your summer trip

While there’s no shortage of gadgets and techie things we can take on a summer trip, there’s always a shortage of space – whether it’s room in one’s backpack, suitcase, trunk of the car or your smartphone’s memory.  Nevertheless, here’s an eclectic mix of eight things that may come in handy and you might want to consider taking along for the ride to ensure smooth sailing this summer.

They take up very little room, so take along an extra pair of earbuds or if you must, extra headphones.  There’s nothing worse than forgetting your earbuds somewhere, having them accidentally destroyed or developing a loose cable connection by having them get tangled and torn up by the armrest on the plane. Now if your tunes are a must, you could possibly buy another pair, but you might be overpaying or not really getting the ones you want.

If you’re traveling with a companion, another good thing to throw into your carry-on is a headphone splitter like the Wicked Audio Splitter, which we reviewed last December. This little accessory could come in handy when you want to share your audio with a friend or significant other, or in the event your onboard entertainment doesn’t work and the two of you want to enjoy a movie on your iPad.  READ FULL ARTICLE at CANOE  Tech Blog

Apples are red – Apples are pink


If colour is important to you or loved one for this Valentine’s Day, then you’ll be thrilled to know that many of Apple’s iOS devices are available in red or pink. And if they’re not, there are certainly red and pink cases as well as matching accessories to go along with them.

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10 super advanced technologies Santa needs to deliver presents


As the world’s population grows and handheld technology keeps kids right at Santa’s toes, the hidden North Pole toy factory needs to keep up with the times. Even more than ever before, Santa and his elves need to ensure they’re highly efficient, accurate and super quick in handling the billions of incoming requests, determining who’s been naughty and who’s been nice and schedule and make all the necessary deliveries around the world to the almost 1.9 billion children under 14 in one evening. All this while going totally undetected. A feat  I don’t think even the great FEDEX can even do.

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Get through Black Friday and beyond with these iOS apps

RFDWhile there doesn’t seem to be one totally authoritative iOS app to get you though the Black Friday maze, there are a few sources that might help you hone in on some decent finds, guide you where you need to go and help you get a good start for the annual year-end gift hunt.


Black Friday flyers leaked! Oh really?

BlackFridayIt’s plastered all over the Internet – “Black Friday flyers leaked, we’ve got the exclusive!” It seems almost extraordinary these days, because if it’s flyers or in any print form, chances are its already somewhere out in cyberspace or out there in the form of a really good rumour. But nevertheless, look at those deals!


Canada Day iOS inspired apps

Apps do not take holidays, so if you’re looking for something truly Canadian to do on Canada Day while you “woof” down a few cold ones, here’s a few iOS inspired ideas to get you through the day.


Seeing Apple (RED) for a good cause this Canada Day


Every Canada Day we see a sea of red Maple Leafs adorning every conceivable place, including people’s body parts. But what some of you may not know is that not only are a number of standard Apple products available in red, but that those products have a very special and significant meaning.


This Canada Day, buy (RED) in the fight against AIDS

This Canada Day, buy (RED) in the fight against AIDS

EDMONTON, AB, Jun 30, 2013/ Troy Media/ – This Canada Day, expect to see people, places and things, the entire country really, covered in red. Why?

Because while the colour is most associated with Canada, given our flag and the Maple Leaf, it’s also the organizational colour of a charity and a trademark called (RED)™, whose name was inspired by the fact the colour is also recognized as a colour for emergency.

The (RED)™ project is the brainchild of U2 lead singer Bono and Bobby Shriver, American activist, politician, attorney and member of the Kennedy family. According to the organization, it was conceived in the spring of 2006 as a way of engaging the consumer and the private sector, predominately the world’s “most iconic” brands and identifiable organizations, in the fight against AIDS.


Does your heart beat faster on Valentine’s Day?

runtastic 1

EDMONTON, AB, Feb. 14, 2013/ Troy Media/ – Whether you’re searching for something for your special sweetheart or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, chances are that your heart will be beating. Of course how you’re feeling that day may make heart beat slower or race like a rocket. Either way, ever wonder exactly how fast it’s beating?

Not surprising, there’s an app for that. It’s Heart Rate PRO App by Runtastic for iOS devices. It uses the your smartphone’s camera to measure how fast your heart beats.

It works by placing and lightly holding your index finger steady without pressure against the back of the camera lens cover both it and your flash. As it’s measuring you can see it displaying the number of beats per minute as well as a graph.  You can tag results as being at rest or even before and after sports so you can monitor the changes, You can store your history, record how you feel and even get a reminder that it’s time to check your rate.Runtastic 2

Setting up a free account on Runtastic.com allows you to upload, store and analyze your results. And if your heart so desires, pardon the pun, you can share your results on your Social Network like Facebook and Twitter or even by e-mail.

The app is only $0.99 but for this special day, Valentine’s Day, February 14th,  you can get the iOS version (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) for free and see if your heart beats faster when you’re close to your sweetheart. Even better, share it with them and witness the change in your heartbeats. It might just go over better than calorie infused candy hearts.

The app is also available for $0.99 for Android via Google Play.

Greg Gazin is a Tech Columnist, Small Business and Technology Speaker and Senior Editor at Troy Media. He can be reached at  Gadgetguy.CA on Twitter @gadgetgreg or you can find him on Empire Avenue at (e)GADGET1.

Win a pair of Wicked earbuds


As the sounds of the holiday season grace the decks, the halls and the malls, wouldn’t it be cool to listen to them on a pair of wicked earbuds? Of course it would!  This week CanoeTech Blog and Wicked Audio have teamed up to give away one each of the four latest Wicked earbud offerings.