Canada’s biggest VR and augmented reality conference hits Vancouver May 5-7, 2017


VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) are not just for gamers anymore. You can come and see for yourself by attending CVR 2017, Canada’s and the Pacific Northwest’s largest conference and trade show May 5th to 7th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The event will showcase a world-class selection of top experts in the industry, some of the latest technologies and even hands-on demonstrations of some of the latest and coolest products.

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Molson and Sportsnet bring 360 VR to NHL Hockey


If you can’t get enough hockey, Molson Canadian and Sportsnet have teamed up to bring fans a more immersive experience by offering for the first time, 360° Virtual Reality (VR) to select Canadian NHL broadcasts. This will give us yet another reason to watch Hockey Night in Canada tonight and for the next five Saturday nights.  Read more…at Canoe Tech Blog.

Virtual Reality Trains Next Generation Workers

Published in the June edition of The Edmontonians

By Greg Gazin
Troy Media Corporation
Terry Smith & Kevin McNulty
EDMONTON, AB, July 1, 2009/Troy Media/ — It was six years ago, over a jug, or two, of Alexander Keith’s Ale, that business partners Terry Smith and Kevin McNulty started discussing the abysmal state of training in the resources industry.

“These injuries can’t continue,” Smith said. McNulty, a safety consultant in the oil and gas sector who had spent much of his working life in the mining industry, added that the problems went beyond injuries. He was referring to the 1992 Westray Coal Mine disaster in Plymouth, Nova Scotia which resulted in the deaths of 26 miners. MORE