Duct Tape and Tablets Don’t Mix

Protective gear and proper mounts like iKlip 3 keep your tablets safe and secure

Today, it’s not uncommon to see video being captured on a tablet with high-definition cameras now built-in. However, if you plan on using one to stream Facebook Live, Instagram or collect footage for your next viral YouTube video make absolutely certain it’s properly secured before you hit the record button. I’ve witnessed just one too many examples of people being pumped up, energized and excited capturing the moment only to see enthusiasm hit rock bottom. They watch in horror the slow motion descent of their precious iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire or other tumbles to the ground and there’s little they can do to stop it.

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Apple drops iPad Air in favour of new iPad






A few years back when Apple launched their latest series of smaller notebooks, they dropped the “Air” in MacBook Air and simply called the new 12-inch model, MacBook. Well, it looks like the same has happened with the iPad Air, as Apple today unveiled a new lower-cost 9.7-inch model simply called iPad.

With the release of the new model for 2017, the new designation will separate it from the iPad Pro models.  The new iPad will feature an upgraded processor, yet remain very similar to the MacBook Air 2 but with a few differences.

It still keeps the same display size as the MacBook Air 2, i.e. 9.7-inches. It will still be an LED backlit, Retina display with multi-touch at 264 PPI and a 2048 x 1536 resolution. It also maintains the 8.0MP rear camera that shoots 1080P HD video, and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing FaceTime HD camera battery-life also remains at 10 hours.  Read full post at Canoe Tech Blog.

PompAdapter can double your charging speed

6_ullfivWhen you plug your smartphone or tablet in for recharging, you might not know how fast it’s really charging and if it’s doing so at its proper or even maximum speed, particularly if you are not using the original cable or charger. PompAdapter is a new little adapter that’s trying to come to market that will possibly boost the charging as much as 200% and even tell you how fast it’s charging.   Read more…at Canoe Tech Blog.

StylusFlex bendable stylus performs multiple tricks

 SFlexMainNo matter what kind of smartphone you have, I’m sure there are times where a stylus could come in handy. The challenge that usually arises – where do you keep it when not in use or put it where you won’t forget it? Enter StylusFlex, a new creation being made available on KickStarter. It’s a bendable stylus that not only cleverly attaches to your phone making it easy to carry around; it also performs other valuable duties as well.

It’s uniqueness starts with one end; it’s shaped like a standard headphone plug. This is how it stays attached to your phone. Plus, beyond being bendable, it’s totally flexible so it can wrap around your phone and you can easily slip it into your pocket without any excess bulk. It’s also long enough that it can reach any part of your screen without removing it from the jack.  Read more…at Canoe Tech Blog.

Holiday Gift iDeas for the iPad lover


The iPad is certainly one of the most versatile tablets in on the market and whether you are looking for one as a holiday gift this season, or simply looking to accesorize, here are a few handpicked ideas for you to help narrow down some of your choices.


G4TV Canada: PadPivot NST turns lap into a tablet desk

PadPivot NST

iPads and other tablets have become so versatile, they can now be used almost anywhere but sometimes holding them for long periods of time or keeping them in a place or at angle to effectively use them can be a challenge. This is especially true where the only available surface is an arm, a leg or a lap; like in the back seat of a car.


Nexus 7 shipping woes create Google service nightmare



Ryan Obrock from Ann Arbor, MI is mad at Google and wants them to do something about it. In a letter he wrote, he says that after pre-ordering and paying for his Nexus 7 at the Google Play store, which included a $14 shipping fee, he found out that others that pre-ordered via other outlets, like Gamestore did not have to pay a shipping charge and will supposedly get theirs a week before him.



LG shelves new tablet development



As another new tablet “surfaces” trying to make its mark in the tablet market and attempts to compete against the mighty iPad, another is looking at doing the opposite. LG has decided it was time to put things on the shelf – at least for now.  Ken Hong, a spokesman for LG, told Bloomberg that they would be putting the development of all new tablets “on the back burner”, for the time being.

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New Bento 4 for iPad stands alone

bento4_for_ipad_logo_wchickletBento is a personal database application and often considered a baby brother to the legendary Filemaker Pro. But unlike the first version or even its big brother, the new Bento 4 for iPad, by FileMaker (they skipped 2 & 3) has been completely redesigned from the ground up. It now allows you to quickly and easily create your own little personal productivity apps right on the iPad, without the need to be tethered to your Mac.